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Before we talk about the Twitter profile picture size, I’d like to clarify what  the profile picture is. It’s the image that appears in the top left corner of your Twitter profile page and next to every tweet you make.

Note : If you are looking for the latest 2014 profile sizes and some tips on how to make you Twitter profile stand out then follow the link here.

jawilsondesign twitter profile picture

Having a Twitter Profile Picture helps people take you more seriously, (If someone follows me and they don’t have one I usually block them).  Your profile picture should reflect your brand, both from your website, your corporate stationary and business identity. Of course you can use your business logo if you should wish or you may wish to use your product image as your profile image, either is fine. Alternatively if you are an individual, you may wish to use an image of yourself.

Dont take this profile picture thing likely! It’s a marketing opportunity that you should give thought to, because this is the image that will become associated with you and your brand. So you really want to make sure it looks clear and professional and is appropriate for your business.

Ok so what size is the Twitter Avatar size?

Whatever picture you choose to upload and at whatever dimension it is, it will be displayed at 6 different sizes depending upon where and when it is shown on Twitter.

3. Tweets and retweets

This version is the most commonly displayed size alongside your tweets and also when your tweet is retweeted. The size is 48px x 48px

Twitter Profile Picture Size Alongside Tweets

4. 128 x 128px:

Your profile picture is viewable to visitors who are not logged into Twitter. In these instances, this is the profile picture size that will be shown.

6. The Original Twitter Profile Picture Size:

setting up twitter profile picture

If you double click on your own or someone else’s profile picture, from their profile page, Twitter would open up a new tab in your browser and this would be the picture size you would see.

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Twitter File Size

Twitter automatically re-sizes whatever picture you upload. So you only have to upload your image once for it to be rendered to any of the above sizes. Just make sure it is square and below 700kb in size.


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Uploading Your Twitter Profile Picture

Currently, the Twitter profile picture size is limited to 700kb and can be formatted as jpg, gif or PNG (although I recommend PNG). To upload you picture follow these simple steps:

  •  Log in to Twitter
  • Click on the little down arrow in the top right hand corner of the page, next to your Twitter username.
  • Select settings from the drop down menu.
  • You are now on your Twitter settings page. Click on the Profile tab.

Twitter Profile Picture Screenshot

Profile Design on Twitter

  • Click the browse button and navigate to the file on your computer.
  • Once you have found the file, click on it, click open
  • And then click the save button.
  • You should now be able to see a preview of your new image next to the browse button.

NOTE : Keep your picture big. Let Twitter do the re-sizing of your image.

If you use a small image when Twitter resizes your image it will become blurred and of a lesser quality! Can’t be having that can we.

A few tips to making your own profile pic

  • Be creative. Try be a bit different to grab peoples attention when they are browsing the most recent tweets/
  • Be loyal to your brand, use the colours, shapes and styles associated with your company ( or if its personal, how do you want to be recognized?)
  • Give your image a decent file name. If your image is clicked from your profile page, the image name appears in the browser address bar.
  • Twitter allows a square shape for your profile picture. Create a new version of your logo if necessary.
  • When different seasons are around such as halloween, christmas, easter etc it is good to have a specific twitter image for those days just make sure it is similar to your previous picture. in order for people to be able to instantly recognize its you. And point out that you have changed your profile picture. Maybe explain why or ask for opinions.

Are you finding designing your twitter page and profile picture tricky? Do you need help ? Please dont hesitate to contact me and I will gladly help you.

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  • Brian

    I’m trying to upload a photo for my profile photo. Its too big. Like you said, let twitter resize it, but its still showing up too big, the top, bottom and sides arent showing up.
    This is a pic I have saved on my pc.

    what can I use to resize it?
    Whats the ideal size?


    • JA Wilson Design

      What I recommend is keeping the twitter profile picture itself square although the pixel display of the twitter profile image is 73px x 73px. You can modify your picture using image editors such as Photoshop or the freeware GIMP ( available for free download if you google it ) alternatively there are a lot of free image editors online that are fairly easy to use ( this one example so it depends on what extent you need to modify it I guess. As long as your image is square you hopefully shouldn’t loose any of your image. Hope that helps, let me know if you are still stuck and I will try my best to help