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JAWilsonDesign is a graphics web and branding specialist that creates and develops anything from logos and collatarel to large exhibition stands to CMS websites or standalone landing pages using the latest technology and creative suite.

JAWilsonDesign wants to make sure that whatever task he undertakes for you, you can rest assured that the work he creates follows the latest trends whilst being artistic and innovative and communicating your business message in new and powerful ways.

Tehnology changes and it changes fast. JAWilsonDesign make sure they are always abreast of the latest technology to ensure that the websites he creates are accessible for users and his clients.

Logos, flyers, posters, merchandise, vinyl graphics, whatever graphics you need JAWilsonDesign can create them for you

JAWilsonDesign also creates fineart and digital illustration so whether you need a painting for your home or bespoke illustration for your website JAWilsonDesign has you covered.

I wanted to attach the logos that were our FAVS!! As always, you TOTALLY OUTDID yourself! We love them all!!

Ibarra Moon
MigSolv data centre

MigSolv Works

MigSolv is primarily a data centre consultancy that decided to build their own data centre in 2010 under the guise of Sentry42.

As the Sentry42 brand was not appearing to be attracting customers they employed JAWilsonDesign as the inhouse designer to develop a new brand which included lots of varying activities some of which can be seen in the gallery here.

The brief : I was totally unable to alter the Migration Solutions logo as ordered by the financial investors of the company (rather than the CEO) but did have permission to totally change Sentry42. The consultancy had built quite a good reputation over the previous decade with many high flying clientele such as BT and Morrisons to name a few.

This was a tough rebrand and being a true creative, I chose to bend the rules a little…

'Don’t alter the migration solutions logo at all.'

How often do you hear someone tell you not to do something you want to do it? Migration Solutions logo, although well known was incredibly dated and looked like it hadn’t changed since its infancy.

With the logo shape being so well known I thought it was important to explore this shape but change its appearance to make it look more technological and in keeping with current trends.

The maroon colour was altered to be a brighter shade of red but as a gradient to give a metallic appearance. The white was changed to silver to give the impression of technology.

The loop broken apart and MigSolv contained in the centre. With Migration Solutions still being well known the name was kept below until MigSolv became more well known.

EDCG Brand


The logo was designed with the inspiration coming from Tron Legacy and the colours of the main data centre companies. The lines are surrounding a square whichc represents the rack and he lines are inspired by a computer chipboard. The E is also three horizontal lines that represent servers in a rackspace.


The website is a WordPress based CMS that also takes the style of a computer chipboard and borrows the style of lines for its illustrations throughout the site.


The powerpoint was animated with the intent of adding some interest to the viewers, again following the black blue and white lines of the Tron inspired movie.

The EDCG, or the European Data Centre Group, is an almagimation of several data centres that want to work together to help their customers be able to deploy their servers in more than one data centre helping improve disaster recovery plans should a data centre fail.

I was tasked with creating a new brand and identity for this business venture and some of which can be seen to the left.

The data centre industry, up until recently, has got a bit of a reputation for being boring and this was something I wanted to try and help remove the stigma of and begin to make it 'cool' and 'hip' whilst remaining professional and corporate and also reflecting the technological background of all the companies involved.

The vibrant colours are the brandign colours of each company on a black background to emphasis the colour and give a sense of a powerful entity.

To see more about this organisation please visit europeandcgroup.com

The CEO of MigSolv is also one of the board members for the EUDCA and has asked me on occassions to do some design work for the organisation including digital adverts, exhibition stands and powerpoints.

I was also asked to recreate a website by a french design company into a WordPress theme in order to be able to update it themselves and save money by running it on their own servers.

About JAWilson

JAWilson started life training as a fine artist but also has a background in Architecture and IT.

After completing his masters degree he decided to use his coding, art and design skills in the world of markeing specialising in graphics and web design.

For three years he was given the task to rebrand a well known IT consultancy Migration Solutions which involved many varying tasks from web design to magazine adverts.

John A Wilson has work published in many national media magazines and at technological events and conferences.

Below is a few of the places that his work has appeared in.

Business Today


Norwich Football Club

Inside Networks

Norfolk Voice

CFO Magazine

Academic Qualifications

  • ICT Tutoring PGCE 2011
  • 3ds Max 9 & Autocad 2008 ABC Course Level 3 – 2008
  • Architecture BA Hons – 2008
  • Art Foundation BTEC – 2004

Currently Studying

  • SVG Illustration & Animation
  • Bootstrap Web Design
  • Html5 animations
  • Javascript & Jquery

Program Skills

Programs that JAWilsonDesign uses to create design